Sight Pusher FAQ

Got questions about our tool? Hopefully you will find your answers here. If you have a question not featured here, please send us an email to

Q: Can your tool be used to do sight installations?
A: Yes on the Gen 3. Gen 1 and 2 are designed for sight adjustments only.

Q: I own a Gen 2 tool, can I upgrade it with Gen 3 components as to be able to change my sights?
A: Gen 3 tools have been designed from ground up as to perform sight installations.This has meant severe dimensional changes in it's structure and very important manufacturing upgrades. This makes components between generation incompatible.

Q: Why does your tool have welded nuts? Isn't it easier to tap the holes instead?
A: Our patented welded nut constructions allows for a more efficient production, a reduction of waste material and the solution of many technical problems. It may not be the prettiest solution, but it allows us to offer you a tool that actually works at a competitive price.

Q: Why no some short of stick-on padding is included with the tool instead of needing the use of masking tape?
A: The Gen 3 tool features the hard polymer adapters. These allow the tool to be used directly onto the slide without the need of masking tape.

Q: Why the thread of the screw from the middle is so coarse? Couldn't you have made this thread finer?
A: We have used as much standardized components as possible in our design. This allows us to produce a product at a competitive price. The use of non standard components not only increases the cost, it makes us use special tools that are difficult and much more expensive to obtain. All this being said, our design doesn't require big bolts as to function properly, therefore, the thread pitch used is equal or better than competitive solutions that use larger diameter bolts.

Q: What brands and models is your product compatible with?
A: We are constantly updating the list of firearms where our tool works. Some models may require slide disassembly for the tool installation. These are the compatible models:

All brands, all models

All models. For Trijicon Glock suppressor sights use the Glock 42/43 pushing head.

All M&P series including Shield and Bodyguard, all Sigma variants

Sig Sauer:
P210, P220, P224, P226, P227, P229*, P232, P238, P250, P320, P290, P938, SP2022** SP2340**

Springfield Armory:

LC9, LC380, 9E, SR9, SR9c, SR40, SR40c, SR45, American

All model 75 versions, all model 85 versions,P-01, SP-01, P-06, P-07, P-09, 2075, Compact SDP, P-10 C

PF9, P11

USP, P7, VP9**, VP40**, P30**, P2000**, HK45**

80 Series, Nano, Pico, APX

All FNS series, all FNX series, 509

Hi-Power, 1911-22

All 24/7 versions, all model 92 versions

Solo, Micro

Jerico 941, Desert Eagle***

All models including TP series

Rex Zero 1


CPX-1, CPX-2

CW45, PM45, All 380 models, all 9mm models, all 40S&W models

* Requires filling in the steps of the slide with various layers of folded over masking tape
** Require the use of the VP9 adapter (Only for Gen 3)
*** Require the removal of the slide mounted safeties

Q: There's this "X" famous model from this "Y" famous manufacturer that has a slide mounted safety / slanted slide / tapered slide and your tool is not compatible with it. Are you planning in introducing adapters for it?
A: The Gen 3 tools will feature a variety of model specific adapters over time. Currently the Universal and VP9 adapters are available for this model. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page to get the latest news in this regards.

Q: Can your tool be used on front sights ?
A: Yes, all generations of the Universal Field Sight Pusher can be used on front sights. The Gen 3 in particular is better optimized for this task

Q: Why do parts of your tool fail? They are made out of steel, shouldn't they be more strong?
A: When working on the design of this device, we decided that it should be made in a way that limits the possibility of a user to ruin his gun. We consider that it's always better to damage a tool (or a part thereof) that costs a few dollars to replace, instead of ruining a gun that could be potentially irreplaceable.

Q: Isn't your tool overpriced for what it is?
A: Someone can assume that, because this tool is simple, it is very cheap to make. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

Many features like custom bolts and laser engravings are not cheap. Also, to actually manufacture this device in a developed country is not cheap. We have many, many taxes, expenses and very high salaries to pay. Also, quality machinery, materials, jigs and replacement tools are not cheap. To sum things up Dollar to Euro conversion is never in our favor.

The manufacturing of premium products comes at a premium prize. Our goal is to offer our customers the best product at the best relative price and in the process make enough money so we can continue producing, perfecting and developing new products.